Manhattan Comfort Bromma Collection Mid Century Modern Square Buffet Stand Table With Two Cabinets and Splayed Legs, White


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The Bromma Collection by Manhattan Comfort introduces a beautifully crafted buffet stand table. Designed with great dimensions of 35.43″ x 27.36″ x 12.99″ and Only Weighs 38.58 lbs. This buffet has an doors that reveal cubby space with Dimensions of 11.02″ and the Self Spaces are Designed With Dimensions of 22.63″ making it easy and convenient to store anything. Constructed from high quality MDF, this buffet stand table has been designed to be durable and long lasting for several years to come. Designed to withstand traditional wear and tear, it is without a doubt that this buffet stand table will be in your home for several years to come. The mid century modern design of splayed legs helps to enhance the overall appeal of this buffet stand table. The storage space makes it ideal to help declutter your home while maintaining an appeal of elegance throughout your home. This buffet table would make for a great addition to your living room, dining room, den, lounge or even be placed in your bedroom. Upon easy assembly, it is without a doubt that this storage cabinet will be instantly loved. For nearly 10 years, Manhattan Comfort has been manufacturing products with the best quality. They have been so successful that they are a household name. Through the ongoing process of innovation to sustain customer satisfaction, Manhattan Comfort is dedicated to bring modern stylish furniture of quality to customers everywhere.


  • The Bromma Collection Introduces a Practically Sized Buffet Table With Ideal Dimensions of 35.43″ x 27.36″ x 12.99″ and Only Weighs 38.58 lbs. It Makes For a Practical and Easy to Place Addition to Your Home to Instantly Enhance Your Home Décor. This Buffet Has an Doors That Reveal Cubby Space With Dimensions of 11.02″ and the Self Spaces are Designed With Dimensions of 22.63″ Making it Easy and Convenient to Store Anything
  • Reliable Craftsmanship: The Bromma Collection Buffet Table Has Been Carefully Crafted From High Quality MDF Ensuring That it Will Be Durable and Long Lasting For Several Years to Come. Designed to Enhance Your Homes Décor, This Buffet Stand Table is Specifically Crafted to Not Only Do That But to Also Withstand Wear and Tear Over Time
  • Mid Century Modern Design: The Splayed Legs on This Buffet Stand Table Enhance the Appeal With a Mid Century Modern Touch. Designed to Hold a Range of Items, Everything is Covered by the Cabinet Doors. Upon Opening, You Reveal a Cabinet Great for Storing Things of Bulk and Also Two Shelves to Help Declutter Your Home While Maintaining a Touch of Elegance and Appeal
  • Upon Delivery There are Detailed Directions to Follow to Assemble This Product. Follow the Easy Instructions and Enjoy Your New Home Addition Almost Immediately. It is Without a Doubt That Manhattan Comfort Will Enhance Your Home Décor With Whatever You Choose. Their Style is the Addition That You Have Been Seeking!
  • Purchase With Confidence: Manhattan Comfort has Been Manufacturing and Creating Products for Years and All of Their Products Are Made With Fine Quality. Purchase With Confidence Knowing That Your Money is Going to a Flawless Product to be Enjoyed For Years to Come

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