Manhattan Comfort Liberty Collection Mid Century Modern Armoire Closet With Two Cabinets and Two Drawers With Open Shelf Space, Wood/White Trim


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The Liberty Collection introduces a one of a kind Armoire Closet. With luxurious dimensions of 47.83″ x 76.37″ x 17.71″ and Weighs 180 lbs., this Armoire Closet is easy to place and use anywhere. Designed with cabinets, open shelf space and two drawers it makes for a convenient addition to your bedroom because everything can easily be stored with no hassle. Crafted from high quality MDF it is without a doubt that this Armoire Closet will be durable and long lasting for several years to come. The mid century design of splayed legs helps to enhance the overall appeal of this piece and certainly makes it a must have. It is an ideal addition to your bedroom but it can also be used in other rooms or even placed in an entryway closet for convenient storage of on the go clothing and accessories. For nearly 10 years, Manhattan Comfort has been manufacturing products with the best quality. They have been so successful that they are a household name. Through the ongoing process of innovation to sustain customer satisfaction, Manhattan Comfort is dedicated to bring modern stylish furniture of quality to customers everywhere.


  • Durable Craftsmanship: Crafted From Durable Wood, This Armoire Closet is What Your Bedroom is Missing. The Strong Handles and Quality Craftsmanship Make This a Product That You Cannot Deny! Crafted With Such High Quality it is Designed to be Durable and Long Lasting For Several Years to Come. You are Bound to Be Satisfied With This Addition to Your Home Decor.
  • Mid Century Modern Design: The Fashionable Splayed Wooden Legs Enhance the Appeal of this Armoire Closet Cabinet, and the Durable Shelf, Cabinet and Drawer Space Make This An Everything-in-One Addition to Your Home. You Cannot Go Wrong With a Purchase Like This, the Liberty Collection Has Been Designed to Enhance Home Decor and Provide an Elegant Appeal As Well
  • Upon Delivery There are Detailed Directions to Follow to Assemble This Product. Follow the Easy Instructions and Enjoy Your New Home Addition Almost Immediately. It is Without a Doubt That Manhattan Comfort Will Enhance Your Home Décor With Whatever You Choose. Their Style is the Addition That You Have Been Seeking!
  • Purchase With Confidence: Manhattan Comfort has Been Manufacturing and Creating Products for Years and All of Their Products Are Made With Fine Quality. Purchase With Confidence Knowing That Your Money is Going to a Flawless Product to be Enjoyed For Years to Come
  • Luxurious Dimensions: This Armoire Closet Has Been Designed With Great Dimensions of 47.83″ x 76.37″ x 17.71″ and Weighs 180 lbs., The Large Cabinet is Great for Storing and Hanging Clothes on the Hanging Bar Provided. The Cabinet Has 2 Shelves, Making it Easy to Store and Put Away A lot of Clothes. The Open Shelf Space is Ideal For Perfume and Lotions Or Often Worn Items Or Even Anything That You Want in the Open. The Two Drawers on The Bottom Are Ideal For Storing Undergarments Or Additional Clothing

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