Midcentury Modern “No Drinking in the Restroom” Humorous Black, Red and Yellow Bathroom Sign Art Photography Print


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Have party guests with bad bathroom etiquette? Let this photograph set them straight! “No Drinking in the Bathroom” is a photography print of an old sign that was hanging on in a former bar in Buffalo, New York. The bar closed its doors more than 20 years ago and sat dormant, but I had the pleasure of photographing it before it was restored, which was lucky for you and me because it was filled with vintage treasures like this old sign hanging on the bathroom door! So funny, quirky, and unique, this photograph will add a touch of humor to any bathroom or powder room. Which size is right for you? Smaller prints are perfect for small-to-medium spaces, desk areas, and as additions to a gallery wall. Larger prints are perfect for transforming a room and adding a focal or accent piece to your space.

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