Midcentury Modern Apartment Midcentury Modern Shinto Trees No.3

Midcentury Modern Shinto Trees No.3


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    “Exploration of new places inspires me,” says Sheary Clough Suiter. “I’m fascinated with the way connecting with one’s environment informs an artists’ choice of shapes, colors, and content.” Suiter’s paintings are at once narrative, figurative, and absract. Part whimsy, part mystery…shape, color, pattern and mark making are all strong design elements found in her work. She works in an intuitive and direct manner, embracing the unexpected results of melting wax. “I’ve found true passion in encaustic. Working with wax is physical and just a little dangerous. I paint molten wax with a brush, fuse with an open-flame torch, and carve back into the hardened wax with sharp metal instruments.”

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