Unique Ceramic Planter Pot for Succulent Cactus and Airplant – Includes Self Watering Saucer Drip Tray, Drainage Hole, Triangle Corner Shape, Matte White 6-Inch (4 pack set)


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This planter design is perfectly sized to fit on tabletops, window sills, or throughout an office space. Made of high quality and durable ceramic, the unique shape fits nicely in corner areas like cubicles or ledges. Plant drainage is critical to plant health! Many glazed planters and glass terrariums are actually horrible potting environments for your plants, especially succulents, cacti and even moss! Contrary to belief, just putting rocks or sand at the bottom is not going to keep your plant healthy. This planter allows for water to flow out of the drainage hole so your plant roots do not rot in standing water. The self-watering nylon string (included) can be used to slowly pull water up through capillary action. Use watering pipette (included) is an alternative method water directly at the roots. Put multiple planters together for truly eye-catching decor! Plant not included.


  • Beautiful white matte planter pot for succulent, cacti, and air plants. Perfect for the windowsill, office, kitchen, desktop, tabletop, or the bedroom!
  • Drainage hole lets excess water to flow out to keep plant roots healthy and prevent rot
  • Watering wick for easy self-watering plant care. Made from nylon to prevent degrading
  • Durable and high quality porcelain ceramic
  • Minimalist look that fits many styles. Perfect for modern, mid-century, rustic, and contemporary themes. Four pack makes a perfect gift set!

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